Snail Escape!

Leopards had an exciting start to their Monday! Xavier brought to school Gary the snail.

We were all very excited to see a snail even though I reminded the children they would be able to see one in their own garden at any time!

Off Leopards went into assembly and left me in charge of Gary the snail. However, in my haste to take a picture of him to add to the blog, I left the lid open and found him trying to escape!

Can you write a short story about Gary the snail’s escape in under 20 words?

On Friday we’ll read them and see who snailed it!

Leopards New topic

This morning we were excited to find out about our new topic called  ‘Audio Visual’. 

We started by talking about how it feels in the dark and found out that a fear is called a phobia. 

Here are some of the phobias we have in Leopards class:

Chromophobia – fear of bright colours

Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes

Scotophobia – fear of darkness

Automatonophobia – fear of dummies

Wiccaphobia – fear of witches and witchcraft 

What is floating?

In Science, we were trying to make a lump of plasticine float.

We worked out that, for most of the boats, the best way to make them float was to have a flat base and high thin walls.

Well done to Natalia, Alfie, Daniils, Esosa, Rebecca, Maks, Jake and Wiktoria who were the only groups to make their boats float for more than a minute!

img_1387 img_1386 img_1385 img_1384